Seminar Series

BPPA Seminar Series Spring 2021

The new BPPA Seminar Series will run every Friday 4-5pm (GMT) from March 5th-June 25th.

A philosophy grad student from universities around the world will present their research at each seminar, followed by an audience Q&A. Join for a chance to be part of a truly global philosophy graduate community and listen to the latest research in our field.

If you would like to attend, please sign up here.


Seminar Schedule (download here)

March 5th: Cathrin Fischer (UCD), “Eating Disorders and Shame”

March 12th: Abigail Whalen (Oxford): “Regarding the Possibility of Theistic Modal Realism”

March 19th: Charlotte Zemmel (Cambridge): “Sharpening the Tool of Cognitive Diversity”

March 26th: Rhona J. Flynn (Cork): “Infantilization, Dehumanization, and Cognitive Disability”

April 2nd: Sophie Kikkert (LSE): “Ability’s Two Dimensions of Robustness”

April 9th: Jenny Zhang (Edinburgh): “Reasoning and Narrative Understanding in Grasping Arguments”

April 16th: Ellie Robson (Birkbeck): “Naturalism as World-Oriented”

April 23rd: Sebastian Obrist (Lugano): “The Conventional Source of De-Re Necessities”

April 30th: Giulia Lorenzi (Warwick): “Listening to Music”

May 7th: Eduardo Estevão Quirino (Bristol): “Russelian Monism and Individuality”

May 14th: Adriana Alcaraz-Sánchez (Glasgow): “What Is Lucid about Lucid Dreamless Sleep?”

May 21st: Michaela Lobo (St Andrews): “A New Direction for Epistemic Injustice”

May 28th: Darby Vickers (UC Irvine): “Tiresias among the Shades”

June 4th: Martin Miragoli (Glasgow): “Unjust, Arrogant Mansplaining” (coauthor: Daniela Rusu, Glasgow)

June 11th: Pablo Fernandez Velasco (ENS): “Entropy, Prediction and the Cultural Ecosystem of Human Cognition”

June 18th: Maria Cristina Contrino (Anglia Ruskin): “The Role of Narratives for Practical Identity”

June 25th: Keqi Chen (Cambridge): “Epistemic Eternalism vs. Metaphysical Eternalism”

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